Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pickle Paratha

If you want something new and spicy then this is the paratha that you should be looking for, pickle chapati can be served along with curd/ sabzi, so lets make some Achar patatha.


  1. wheat flour 250 gms.

  2. besan 1,tbsp.

  3. 0il 1,tbsp.ghee

  4. 50,gms.

  5. ready made mango pickle (sour)


  • In a thali take the wheat flour.

  • Mix besan and oil and rub it in the flour.

  • Add enough water to knead the soft dough.

  • Divide it into small balls.

  • take one ball and with the help of some plain flour roll a small circle.

  • Take a little pickle and spread it on half of the circle.

  • Fold the other half circle over it.

  • Bring the left end over the right.

  • This will give a trriangular shape.

  • Now move the rolling pin over it,giving two verticle strokes and two horizantal strokes.

  • Shallow fry this paratha over a midium heat.