Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Corn Paratha

Corn Chapati is one of the great meals to have, somewhat heavy in nature due to corn, taste is great, in Indian subcontinent this paratha is made in the winter days as this gives an extra amount of energy to the body, so lets gear up to make makkai paratha......


  1. seeds of boiled sweet corn

  2. salt

  3. a few slices of bread soaked in water

  4. red chilli powder

  5. salt to taste

for the dough-

  1. 2 cups of maida

  2. little salta
  3. little oil to knead the dough

  4. 5 tbsps of sour curd

  5. water according to its requirement to knead the dough


  • mix all the ingredients of the filling and keepaside.

  • knead the dough and cover it with a wet cloth and let it rest for 15 mins.

  • now make equal size balls out of the dough and roll it out with a help of some dry flour so that it does not stick .

  • take the filling and put it in the centre of the rolled chapati and close it and make it like a ball.

  • roll it out again carefully that it does not tear from betweenor the sides.

  • shallow fry on the tava till it turns golden brown on both the sides. serve hot with your favourite vegetables.