Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moong Paratha

Somewhat hard in texture this paratha is very delicious in taste and one can find it in marriage parties, this has its own different taste and will be like by all your family members, served along with chutney and curd, so we move on to prepare moong chapati.


  1. whaet flour-2cups

  2. moong 1 cup

  3. salt to taste

  4. red chilli pwdr

  5. kothmir

  6. oil

  7. ghee.


  • Take the moong and soak overnite.in the morning ,add salt nad put in cooker.

  • Just for 1 whistle.

  • Then add little red chilli pwdr and kothmir.keep aside.

  • Take the flour,add 1 tsp oil and salt and knead it just like rotis atta.

  • Make 6-8 balls of the kneaded atta.make a small roti.

  • Fill in the moong.(just as in aloo paratha)and then roll it into the size of a roti.put it on a tawa.turnover after 1 min.

  • Apply little ghee ,on both sides.

  • Eat hot with dahi or aachar.