Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lauki Ka Paratha

Bottle gourd Chapati is another nutritious one which offers a great taste and health too, can be served along with a variety of ingredients very light greenish in colour and soft in texture, so lets make some lauki paratha.....


  1. Lauki grated 2cup squezed

  2. Wheat flour 3\4cup

  3. Gram flour 3\4 cup

  4. Green chili 2 cut finely

  5. Anardana 1 tsp

  6. Green corriender 4tbsp chopped finely

  7. Coriander seeds

  8. 1tbspAjwain

  9. 1tspSalt


  • mix atta , besan , lauki ,all ingredients

  • do not mix water ,when lauki water absorbs ,mixes atta ,if hard mix water and knead

  • roll parathas ,3”roll ,spread oil ,dipping finger ,few drops ,sprinkle dry atta ,so that folds separate ,

  • fold again touch oil and sprinkle dry atta

  • Again fold press ball and roll for parathas from the centre cut to one end, making a radius and roll in with the help of your finger in the shape of a cone.

  • Press the cone downwards in the form of a round and roll paratha

  • on hot tava ,both sides Cook on a tawa till golden brown in color ,apply 1\2 tsp oil for both sides once cooked both side and brown .

  • serve hot with dahi ,chutney

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